About the foundation


The foundation wishes to further the communicative aspect of the arts, in which combinations of word and image play an important part. By means of art projects the foundation seeks to encourage understanding and love in our modern society. The foundation also seeks to further cooperation as a method and a(n) mental (intellectual)  attitude, thus creating greater value in art projects which transcend disciplines.
The initiators and founders of ‘Gespreksgenoot / Sobesednik’, Sietse H. Bakker and Hanneke de Munck, work in their projects together with artists from other disciplines, other nationalities and other times.
Convinced that in our complex society there is a great need of attention for the nature of man, the foundation wants to promote art projects aimed at the broadening of that attention. The foundation sees power of expression with regard to the nature of man being mirrored in art through devotion to beauty, through concern with tradition, with permanency and with communication. 
We are convinced that this devotion within the realm of the art’s expressions, in other words intensified attention, will have continued effect. The need of attention for the nature of man is mirrored by the attention for the expression of art.

The foundation was established on October 1, 2009, and is entered in the register of the Chamber of Commerce.


The aim of the foundation is to realize art projects conceived as a reaction to and in cooperation with artists from different disciplines, periods and cultures, always having ‘the discussion’ at its centre.

This comprises the Mandelstam Project, which started in 2003, and the Altarpiece Project.

‘Art projects’ include: development and execution of works of art that manifest the mission of the ‘Gespreksgenoot / Sobesednik Foundation’, the acquisition of commissions for the foundation, the organization of expositions and travelling shows as well as the realization of publications and the acquisition of the funds needed.